Anonymous said: Hey, Um, I was thinking about using some of these gifs in a video I was making, is it okay if I use them and promote your page some? Sorry to ask anonymously, I don't have a tumblr. >.< My girlfriend does though. :D She may help me put the video together. I made a hardstyle/techno remix of Saria's song, and I was hoping to use some of these gifs to put together to have something amusing to watch to go with the music. So, Yeah. >.< I mean, I know that you haven't made any of them, but, I was hoping to put this as the source as to where I found the gifs. So, Please answer when you can. Thank you. -DJGradion

PS. Sorry if I rambled. >.<

Sorry for the extremely late answer, haven’t checked here in a while - but I think you should probably check out what the actual makers of the gifs you want have to say.


(Source: legend-ofzelda)


(Source: legend-ofzelda)


Anonymous said: I love looking at these, then trying to find that moment in the various games. Awesome collection by the way.

Funny you should say that, that’s what I do as well :D

On a side note: thanks to the followers who’ve stayed with ZeldaGIFs in this long period of very little activity, I promise we’re picking up the pace.


lutrea said: Great blog, makes me feel so nostalgic. ^.^

Aw, thanks :)


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